Sasha Freemind

To the Divorcing Human

I hope you aren’t going through separation or divorce. If you are, I am so sorry. I’ve been there. It sucks. Period. Full-stop.  

My best advice: don’t isolate. Lean on your friends, your circle, your people. Go to church. It will be hard and weird and uncomfortable for a while but God is ready and able to help. It’s important to recognize that a big part of His help is delivered through people. The desire to disconnect, although entirely normal and understandable, cuts off a big avenue for help and healing. Stay connected. Isolation only compounds the horribleness. You need community. 

I would also recommend that you consider counseling or plugging into a support group. I worked as a volunteer facilitator of the DivorceCare program. Its practical and rubber-meets-road content is anchored in biblical principles in a support group format. The program is relevant to people navigating divorce, those coming to terms with a divorce from their past, and the newly separated considering divorce or reconciliation. Most importantly, it creates a safe space for people to open up, get real, and get support – creating community through connection with others going through similar stuff. 

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